Shibboleth as IdP for Workspace ONE Access

Recently I had to work on a project that imply Shibboleth as IdP (Identity Provider), so you will see below how to configure it in Workspace One Access as a 3rd party IdP.

One of the major issue with Shibboleth (in my case) is it only provides a samAccountName but not a UserPrincipalName (upn), so basically the User name without the domain name (eg. e.monjoin but not e.monjoin@mydomain.dom). It works in many situation excepted in a multi domain configuration where you can potentially have the same username in two different domain and you have a trust relationship between them (eg. and In this case WS1 Access will not be able to choose a account you will see the following error :

That said, let see how to configure WS1 :

1 – In Identity & Access Management \ Setup \ User Attributes
Only UserName should be checked as required

2  – In Identity & Access Management \ Setup \ Preference
Check  Sync Group Members to the Directory When Adding Group

Note : this prevent synching all users but only required one.

3  – In Identity & Access Management \ Manage \ Directory
3a – Ensure all required domains are selected :

3b – Specify OU when to find required groups and select required groups

3c – Don’t specify Users unless you want to add a specific account who’s not belong to a group you select in the previous step (for example admin accounts)

3d – OPTIONAL – clear all percentage so Safeguards will not bother you when adding/removing users

4 –  In Identity & Access Management \ Manage \ Identity Providers, click Add Identity Provider then  Create Third Party IDP to add Shibboleth:

4a – Identity Provider Name :  Up to you but “Shibboleth” is good idea 😊

In SAML Metadata :

4b – Copy Shibboleth IdP Metadata to SAML Metadata and click Process IdP Metadata
4c – Select SAML Attribute (instead of NameID Element)
4d – Attribute Format, select urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:attrname-format:uri
4e – Attribute Name, type : urn:oid:
4f – Attribute Name is VMware Workspace ONE Access, select UserName

Users :

4g – Check appropriate domain

Network :

4h : Check appropriate network (certainly only ALL RANGES, unless you set another one)

Authentication Methods

4i – Authentication Methods : Up to you but “Shibboleth” is good idea as well 😊
4j – SAML Context : Select urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:ac:classes:PasswordProtectedTransport

5 –  In Identity & Access Management \ Manage \ Policies
                5a – Click Edit Default Policy
                5b – For ALL RANGES (or required network), specify Shibboleth as Authentication Method and Verify as well if you want to add VMware Verify as MFA.

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