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Monthly Archive: March 2020


When working on EUC and SDDC solutions (and yes now for everything) we have to use certificates.

I mostly used Microsoft Certificate Services for all my internal servers and a Public wildcard certificate for external access. So to create certificate, the best is to used the Windows MMC and the export the certificate as .PFX to get both the certificate and the private key used to generate it.

However some product like Workspace One Access ask for certificate as PEM format so I used the following script to convert PFX to PEM with OpenSSL.

It’s a batch script who need two arguments, the first one is the name of the certificate without the extension and the second argument is the password used to encrypt Private key

Eg. my PFX certificate is myserver.mydomain.local.pfx so I juste have to type : pfx2pem.bat myserver.mydomain.local mypassword

Composer Firewall Port

Ok by default Composer must be in the same domain or at list have Trust Relationship with domains where Linked Clone will be deployed….

But with Composer you can also deploy on other domains, the caveat however is that you can’t browse the OU on Horizon Admin console so you need to Copy/Past or write the full path for the correct OU.

That said, if you look at the firewall port required by Composer, unless 18433 between Horizon Connection Server (brokers) and Composer plus 1433 to join the Ms SQL Server, nothing is really explained and a doubt can exist about which port is required (and also who create account in the domain). So here the answer 🙂 :

First I confirm, Composer server is responsible to reach the AD domains and create Computer accounts. So the required port are :

Source                  Destination        Ports                 Service

Composer           AD Controllers   88/TCP                  Kerberos

Composer           AD Controllers   135/TCP               RPC

Composer           AD Controllers   389/TCP               LDAP

Unified Access Gateway and .local domain

Since recent release of Unified Access Gateway (I guess starting with 3.7 as I didn’t remember having any issue with version 3.6), the appliance is not using the configured DNS and when looking at /etc/resolv.conf it’s using a internal IP of to perform queries.

After digging into internet I found some post about this and to make it short the solution is to edit /etc/systemd/resolved.conf and comment out “Domains=” and specify your local domain :