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Monthly Archive: January 2023

App Volumes Apps On Demand – Certificate Issue

Horizon Suite 2212 is GA since last week and of course I already upgraded all my lab with this new release.

I was particularly interested by the Application on Demand so directly manage App Volumes application on RDS with all entitlement done within the Horizon Console.

The principle consist of adding App Volumes server in Horizon and then assign it to an “Automated” farm.

Now when you add you App Volumes Server into Horizon, you’ll certainly need to import App Volumes certificates into the “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” folder and then restart Horizon Services on all you Connection Servers.

Now even if doing that, you can encounter the following issue, with Enterprise signed certificate :

I had this issue on my lab, so to get it solved, I had to generate a new certificate for my App Volumes server using a new Template.

This is how to do it ….

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Horizon Cloud Connector 2.3.0 – Connection Server Monitoring Service – Failed

Some time it happens that Connection Server Monitoring Service appears to be failed (but it worked before) and we see a lot of restart attempts.

There’s many reason for this to happen (like proxy error etc..) but I personally first try this workaround and it worked all the times :

1 – SSH to Horizon Cloud Connector using ccadmin and then do a su – to login as root
2 – Go to /opt/container-data/data/csms/store/keep
3 – Do a copy of csms-config.json to csms-config.json.bak
4 – Edit csms-config.json

# su -
# cd /opt/container-data/data/csms/store/keep
# cp csms-config.json csms-config.json.bak
# vi csms-config.json

5 – change cmsTenantConfig to : null and set lifeCycle to : “PAIR”

  "baseConfig" : {
    "version" : "1",
    "csmsIdentity" : "038eeb6a-159c-4ee5-89d0-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "salt" : "df3e8624-2478-4d6f-bd94-xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "keyLength" : 128
  "cmsTenantConfig" : null,
  "applianceConfig" : {
    "podType" : "VIEW",
    "podCapacityType" : "GENERAL",
    "podId" : "4cfd1101-1f73-4691-aa39-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "podName" : "Cluster-HZN-01",
    "podLocationJson" : "{\"p\":[43.29695,5.38107],\"id\":\"b32f5cf4-7413-4877-92c4-xxxxxxxxxxxxx\",\"n\":\"Marseille, France\"}"
  "lifeCycleConfig" : {
    "lifeCycle" : "PAIR",
    "lastUpdateTimestamp" : 1668683604710

6 – restart csms :

# kubectl get pod -n cms-system
NAME                   READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
csms-79df9554f-jcprn   1/1     Running   0          27m
# kubectl delete pods -n cms-system csms-79df9554f-jcprn

After a few minutes, it should be green again… if not open a ticket 🙂