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Monthly Archive: January 2021

vCenter 7 – Depreciation of IWA…

Every Friday we have an informal meeting with peoples from VMware PS: Architect, Sr Consultant and Consultant but also TAM and Project manager as well and today we spoke about the depreciation of IWA with vCenter 7 and so the necessity to move to AD FS for upcoming release :

Deprecation of Integrated Windows Authentication

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) is deprecated in vSphere 7.0 and will be removed in a future release. For more information, see VMware Knowledge Base article 78506

So we started to have look about how to move from IWA to AD FS and for this I deployed a brand new vCenter 7 on my own labs as many questions arise : How other applications will deal with this change (I mainly thought to Horizon and App Volumes Manager) but also could we still connect using the local vsphere.local domain. Spoiler : Yes it works for both (external apps and using local account)

Now let see how to configure this 🙂

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Adding Static Route to WS1 Access

I had a request from Spanish colleagues about adding static routes to Workspace One Access (in their case it was because of database in a different network).

I first had a look on our internal channel on Slack and find a first way to do it … but with Identity Manager version 3.3. However, when I try to test it in my Home Lab using my on-premise WS1 Access 20.10 it was totally different. vIDM 3.3 is based on Suse Linux when WS1 Access 20.10 is based on Photon 3. After some exchange by mail with my colleagues, they sent me the procedure they used for their deployment… different for the first two !!!
Yes they deployed Workspace One Access 20.01…

Basically both method work with vIDM 3.3 and Workspace One v20.01 as both are running Suse Linux